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This is a recorded webinar, by Dr Mathews Mtumbuka, motivational talk  on tips, how to perform well in any interview and winning academic scholarships. The webinar was run under a theme rise and shine powered Ace them interviews on facebook. We don't have right to the video you can watch it through facebook by clicking this link 

If your interested in learning the basics of Chinese language this course is for you. welcome


Learn how to use the system through these video tutorial series

Zoom is one of the virtual communication software, which has become so popular that the word Zoom seems to be representing the whole virtual conferencing category.  This tutorial is intended for beginners covers from downloading, installation to registration, and the use of zoom. The video has been copied only for educational purposes all credits go to Santrel Media (Topic 1 video Author)  AND Learnit Training (Topic 2 Video Author)

This is an open course, Login as guest to access content. This Video tutorial is more of a reference point to those that would want to learn calculus. You can supplement this on what is being taught by your lecturer, or those that wish to learn from scratch you will also find this video useful.

Content credit to Maths Science Teacher 

This calculus review video tutorial provides an introduction / basic overview of the fundamental principles taught in an IB or AP calculus AB course. This video is also useful for students taking their first semester of college level calculus. It cover topics such as graphing parent functions with transformations, limits, continuity, derivatives, and integration. This video contains plenty of examples and practice problems.

Nditha Mindset is all about mind set change / personal development/ self motivation and becoming the best version of yourself ! As a consulting firm we are all about impacting every life positively. Follow the show on facebook through this link

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This video tutorial will guide you on how to use zoom for teaching. By Russel Stannard

A complete video tutorial on everything you need to know about breakout rooms. This covers all the key aspects of setting up breakout rooms in Zoom. Zoom has suddenly become very popular way of delivering online teaching but many teachers are very confused with the way the breakout rooms work in Zoom. This complete training will take you through all the key elements of setting up and using breakout rooms. This video also includes actual REAL examples of me working with breakout rooms to make it really clear. Th

ere are a number of important settings to think about when teaching online including 

  1. Settings to get the breakout rooms ready 
  2. Settings when creating the breakout rooms 
  3. How to put students into breakout rooms 
  4. How to visit a break out room to see what students are doing 
  5. How to move in and out of breakout rooms 
  6. How to close a breakout room
  7. How to set the timer 
  8. Making sure you have screen share set for students
  9. How to continually change the groups Breakout rooms are quite tricky and it is really important to work through the whole video as there are a number of key settings that will change everything about the way your breakout rooms work. 

For example, if you don't have screen share set for students, then it is impossible for them to share anything when working online in their breakout rooms. It is also important for you to understand what happens when you close the breakout rooms and how the students come back to the main room. Teachers are often confused with the way that students are placed in breakout rooms. There are actually two methods but it is much easier, especially when teaching online to do it automatically. It is possible that each time you use the break out rooms that you place students in different groups. Students don't always have to join the same group when working online in breakout rooms. Zoom offers lots of flexibility when using the breakout rooms to teach online but you do need to be aware of several key settings including the settings you need to set up before even doing your lesson. You need to activate your breakout rooms before the lesson or they will not appear on your screen.

This is ideal for everyone wanting to learn English grammar, take note this is for those that are already able to read and write English but want to perfect their grammar. Ideal for high school students. 


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